5 Effective Social Media Tricks For Your Business

Social Media are great tools for promoting your business. With certain additional tricks you may increase the effectiveness of those tools to better attract followers and engage the participation of users.

  1. Personalize your twitter page to match your brand identity. Twitter fortunately allows users to change their wallpapers and certain design aspects of their page such as colors and fonts. Tweaking your Twitter page to match your brand identity could result in better user engagement.
  2. Feature positive customer comments on your Facebook page. You can do this by accessing your activity log and choosing the customer’s comment and allowing it on your timeline. You can also try to encourage your customers to express themselves through posts on your wall or by putting forward questions on your wall.
  3. Use LinkedIn to gain more “serious” consumer engagement. LinkedIn encourages the sharing of quality content and informative posts. Using LinkedIn to share your well-crafted content along with interesting media content such as images and videos can drive an increase in audience to your business.
  4. Encourage social media shares of your content by creating a pre-populated tweet link for Twitter and by encouraging Facebook and Google+ shares by adding noticeable share buttons.
  5. Add the Pinterest mouseover button to original images that you post on your site to encourage sharing and “pinning” on Pinterest. This will increase the probability of a user coming back to your site.

These simple tricks can trigger an increase in participation rate, social media presence and new customer engagement.