5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Article by Pierre Zarokian

  1. Do not just focus on rankings

Rankings matter as long as they lead to other more crucial benefits such as an increase in traffic, a good amount of leads and ultimately sales and profits. All businesses depend on profits to remain in business and expand. Focus on SEO efforts instead on getting your products known to generate more profits.

  1. Optimizing for random business keywords

Optimizing on crucial keywords for your business might not necessarily be the key to generate traffic, sales or leads. The person searching for a specific keyword might land on your site only to look for information for other purposes and is therefore not converted. Focus on ranking higher for long keywords that you find are more likely to bring sales.

  1. Any type of content is not necessarily good

Google’s algorithms love good quality contents that provide information and value to readers. Quality contents are more likely to get shared on social media and to get linked to other websites.

  1. Having a lot of links is not necessarily better

Along the same line as with content, quality links are important. Having no links is better than having low quality links which may result in jeopardized rankings or Google penalty. Natural link building will be brought about by the creation of high quality content.

  1. Do not expect to reap SEO results in a short time

SEO is a long-term strategy. An effective SEO campaign would require considerable time, patience and commitment to start reaping results. You would therefore need be read to provide constant effort to the campaign.

Pierre Zarokian is a digital marketer and entrepreneur. He is an expert in online reputation management and SEO services. On his free times, he can be found on Webmaster World Forums.