Effective Marketing Strategies for Online Startups

by Pierre Zarokian of iClimber. If you have just started an online startup, you might probably not have all the funding to indulge into traditional marketing strategies. Luckily, there are certain strategies that are not so costly that would yield some benefits when you are starting out. It just requires certain amount of effort on […]

How You Could Benefit From Twitter’s New “Buy” Button

Twitter is trying to make e-commerce right from one “tweet” a reality. In September 2014, Twitter announced that they are trying out a new “buy” feature and soon its users would be able to purchase products from certain brands right from their Twitter account. From a business point of view, this could be an exceptional […]

What to expect of 2017’s Advertising Week Conference in New York

The Advertising Week Conference this year will last for over four days starting Monday 29th September 2014 in New York City. This annual gathering is expected to feature more than 250 events. The overall number of attendees is set at around 90, 000. This crowd will consist mostly of brand marketers and advertising professionals. The […]

5 Effective Social Media Tricks For Your Business

Social Media are great tools for promoting your business. With certain additional tricks you may increase the effectiveness of those tools to better attract followers and engage the participation of users. Personalize your twitter page to match your brand identity. Twitter fortunately allows users to change their wallpapers and certain design aspects of their page […]