Effective Marketing Strategies for Online Startups

by Pierre Zarokian of iClimber.

If you have just started an online startup, you might probably not have all the funding to indulge into traditional marketing strategies. Luckily, there are certain strategies that are not so costly that would yield some benefits when you are starting out. It just requires certain amount of effort on your side.

Adopt a great web design

Just like the look of a physical store is important for customers, so it that of your website for your users. A great web design is not necessarily good-looking. It should also be functional and user-friendly. Your users should feel that your site is helping them and is answering to a need that they might have.

Engage in social media

Engaging in social media does not necessarily mean investing all your time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Having a presence on those sites is essential, but you could also focus on where your users are and they might be on other lesser known social sites specific to your market niche. Find out where they are and converse with them.

Create a lot of content

Content is key in getting yourself known on the web. You might also tap into user-generated content to promote interest to your site and engage users. People are interested in learning about case studies and start-up experiences.

Respond promptly

Show a keen interest in your users by responding to their questions and queries promptly. A quick response provides a good user experience and favours sales. Focus on engaging with your users on a personal basis, it might take some time but it will yield great results.

About the Author:
Pierre Zarokian is the CEO of iClimber, a social media marketing company in Burbank, Ca. Their specilaty is social media management and social media profile creation services.