Google’s Keyword Planner Is Now Showing Conversion Estimates

Google has recently announced on Google+ that their Keyword Planner Tool in Adwords has experienced an upgrade and is now supporting conversion estimates. Keyword Planner users can now make use of a slider to see how different types of bids may affect their campaign’s performance depending on whether it is on mobile or desktop devices. This is done across numerous conversion metrics.

Google will make use of a particular account’s history of conversion data or users can even input their own conversion rates and values to determine the impact that bid changes might have on several metrics such as conversion value, ROAS or average CPA for desktop and mobile devices.

Quite conveniently, the conversion estimates are classified by keyword, ad group, user device and location. This can be viewed by choosing the tabs assigned for each respective field in the chart area. You might start by choosing the “Get traffic forecasts for a list of keywords” feature right from the home page. Below is an example of the convenience of the new conversion estimates tool.

Assuming that you own an online shop and that you are getting yourself prepared for the busy season at the end of the year and have an estimated cost-per-acquisition of $25. Varying your bids may have an impact on the average cost-per-acquisition based on that conversion rates and values input by you. For instance, if users searching for you on their mobile devices are more profitable than desktop users, you would be able to determine what mobile bid adjustment you should make in order to gain the best return on investment from your campaign.