How You Could Benefit From Twitter’s New “Buy” Button

Twitter is trying to make e-commerce right from one “tweet” a reality. In September 2014, Twitter announced that they are trying out a new “buy” feature and soon its users would be able to purchase products from certain brands right from their Twitter account. From a business point of view, this could be an exceptional opportunity for companies that sell products online. Even though the system is not completely up and running, right now could be the time to start preparing to sell on Twitter.

Twitter as an e-commerce platform could be beneficial for both the company and buyers. Companies that have already built an audience would be able to eliminate the unnecessary step of their consumers having to leave Twitter’s network to make their purchase. It can be convenient for the customer to buy directly from Twitter, especially when one is browsing from a mobile device. Twitter users will also expected to benefit from special deals and products that would not be available elsewhere.

Even though the e-commerce platform is not yet fully operational, companies may start preparing for it by considering whether marketing through social network would be beneficial to them and would be able to target their client pool. If this could be the ideal platform for your company, focus on working on your existing e-commerce system by making it easier for purchases. Finally, before embarking on social media e-commerce, companies could start focusing on building an audience by engaging them on a daily basis with content, contests and constant participation.