Is Colocation Right for You?

By Rack Alley

If you’re like most business owners or CTOs, you know your company needs a website. Hopefully, it goes without saying that you should have one. However, you may also not have the technical acumen to understand what goes into hosting.

Rackalley3For a lot of people, it’s simply picking the most affordable option in LA and hoping for the best.

However, where Los Angeles colocation is concerned, you should really look into what colocation entails.

Colocation is when a hosting company gives you the space you need for your setup, but you provide the actual hardware.

This might not sound ideal, but the truth is that it’s actually perfect for a lot of companies. You get to design a custom setup for whatever your company’s unique needs are. That right there can save you a lot of money, yet produce better results.

You’ll also save money because you don’t need to try building this setup—and the environment it demands—on your own property. Doing so would be virtually imposible for most organizations.

In a lot of cases, colocation companies even provide some amount of IT support. So while you can show up and work on your setup as much as you like, you’ll love knowing that help is on hand in case of an emergency.


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