Programmatic Ad Buying 101

Programmatic ad buying is a method used by advertisers to purchase media at a volume that was not previously possible. This newer method of display advertising enables marketers to reach larger segments of people, through publications that deliver highly-targeted audiences. The result is better conversion rates, increase reach and the ability to truly harness the ad space of the World Wide Web.

How Programmatic Ad Buying Works

In the olden days of advertising, a marketer had to develop a relationship with a publisher in order to even begin negotiation for ad space. That’s not counting the time it took to close the deal. All of that process is simplified with programmatic ad buying carried out by ad networks.

Programmatic buying begins with exchanges finding multiple publishers to work with. They do the leg work for you, so the marketer need only create the campaign and bid for banner advertising space. Ads are spread to blogs based on targeting, bid, rank and other factors that help to determine relevance. All of this happens within seconds, so your ads can reach a larger segment of your ideal audience.

Advantages of Programmatic Buying

Automation is useful for ad buying, because it puts marketers in a position to focus on data. You no longer have to worry about which publications are buying your ad space, only how your audience is reacting to those ads. This removes the variable of whether the publication is the problem, and gives you the opportunity to focus on actionable items you can fix to improve conversion. Plus, targeting settings let you reach a finely-focused audience segment as opposed to casting a wide net and hoping for the best.

Bio: Ted Dhanik began selling engaging ads for and in the early 2000s. Ted Dhanik is the CEO and co-founder of engage:BDR, a platform for banner advertising. Ted Dhanik and the team at engage:BDR can help you set up your first campaign today!