Three key components of a successful blog

In a world where there are a million blogs, and a thousand new blogs surface every day, how do you succeed? It is by focusing on key aspects of your blog. Here are some key components of a successful blog according to Rack Alley:


When we setup our blog for the first time, we pick a nice, a theme etc. However, one thing we do not pay even attention to is relevancy. Everything you do from this point out should have a laser focus on the category/theme you chose and there should be no deviation, even if the topic has a passing relationship. If you must write about something else, only do so in the context of your main topic.


There are thousands upon thousands of blogs online. How do you become successful in a world where every niche has experts everywhere? Write useful content. Visit a lot of blogs online, and you find stories, and a lot of content, but a lot of it is not useful. Identify your most popular content and then build more useful content for your visitors in and around that topic.


Building a community around your brand and site is hard and can take a lot of time. However, all you need is to enable the right user and your brand will spread. By default, you should allow comments on your posts. Later on you can expand to a forum if you need to, but for the moment, focus all your efforts on your main site.

A final note: Once your blog starts to get some traffic, think about hosting it at an LA data center for fast load times for your visitors.

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