Tips for new web designers

If you are new to website design or want to take it up as a career, the usual problem is, where do you start? Assuming you have the content and images ready, then getting the basic site design is the place to start. Here are some tips for aspiring new designers:

Keep it simple

Try and keep your design elements as simple as possible. When you maintain simplicity a primary requirement, you place more emphasis on the content. After all, the entire purpose of the website, is to present the content in the best way possible. Keep it simple and the focus will remain where it should be.

Stay professional

One of the biggest problems online right now is that many sites are too colorful and have too many bells and whistles. In addition to the simplicity angle, ensure that your designs stay professional or you will find it difficult to keep your audience engaged. Random popups and animated calls to action are just a few examples of additions you should avoid.

Focus on performance

Page speed is a key factor in ranking on Google, and with good reason. When people focus on performance, they tend to avoid a lot of the bad habits. For example, when you optimize images, you avoid putting needlessly large images on your website.

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